DISC Profiling in Recruitment


DISC Profiling in Recruitment


Managers can benefit in several ways from using DISC assessments. First, regardless of what industry, profession, sector, or any other classification you want to use, managers need the help of other people. The more managers learn about how to “read people” and understand motivating factors, the more easily they will be able to give direction and support to their employees. Instead of spending time on “personality conflicts,” a manager will be able to help individual team members and coach employees to communicate more effectively. Trust is built more rapidly, delegation is easier and employees feel more engaged and motivated. Managers can focus more on developing their team based on their strengths and reduce conflict. 


How can a sales force benefit from using DISC?

There are two ways to approach selling – selling a product or selling a solution. Selling a solution always generates more sales. The key to selling a solution, however, is to recognize that you are selling the solution to someone's problem! That means you need to understand people and what makes them tick in order to really “get” their problems and be able to recommend solutions that will work for them. The sales force must learn to recognize behavioural clues and understand their customers’ motivating factors and buying priorities. They then learn to talk to their customers in a way that will get results. As salespeople respond by talking the customers' language, the customer will trust them more and readily listen to solutions the salesperson is offering. It won’t feel like “being sold to.” Instead, it will feel like someone is helping solve problems. 

How should HR managers use DISC?

HR managers are typically responsible for creating and supporting systems and processes that will enable their company to maximize effectiveness in the employee life cycle. From pre-screening to selection, from coaching to career development, from performance management to retiring or firing, HR has to accommodate multiple needs and perspectives all along the way. One of the biggest challenges is creating a culture with supporting systems that unifies the workforce while also meeting individuals’ needs. DISC assessments can be part of a selection process to ensure a “good fit”. Career management and placement becomes a “safer bet” as employees better understand themselves and managers better understand the needs, strengths and interests of their employees. Money is saved and hassle is minimized by getting people into the right jobs.


How do leaders benefit from making use of the DISC system?

Whether you are a “high potential employee” who has aspirations to move into leadership, you are a new project leader or you are a seasoned employee running a department or an entire company, DISC profiling will make a job much easier and help you to become a successful leader.