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spacer What is Psychometric/Personality Profiling?

DISC stands for DOMINANCE, INFLUENCE ,STEADINESS AND COMPLIANCE and a profile report will show how much of each element an individual has. It is a very accurate process of identifying the characteristics of someone's personality and how they approach important key areas of their social and work life. Each report is approximately five pages (around 1,000 words) and will clearly identify how someone will deal with a range of issues and whether they are suitable for the position they are in or applying for. It will show how determined, optimistic, persuasive, steady and compliant they are.

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How can profiling help in management?

  Answer A profile will provide you with hints and tips for better management and indicate what supervision is most likely to be effective in terms of motivation, support and delegation.
spacer Question How does profiling help at interview?
  Answer By profiling short-listed candidates you will be able to identify which are suitable for the position you are recruiting for. Profiling will also highlight when something is not quite right, and this can prompt you to ask further questions.
spacer Question Why bother?
  Answer Understanding more about yourself will help you to make fewer mistakes as well as helping identify your strengths and weaknesses.
spacer Question Does profiling make a difference?
  Answer YES. Major improvements can be made in recruitment, team motivation and personal improvement
spacer Question Does profiling help with training?
  Answer A profile takes less than 10 minutes to complete yet it will identify weaknesses and training needs.
spacer Question - Do I need training to understand the results?
  Answer The reports we produce are very easy to understand and make use of.
spacer Question Will profiling help me as an individual?
  Answer Yes. It will provide an insight of your strengths, personal motivations and help with career guidelines.
spacer Question What do you know about Profiling?
  Answer We have produced more than 20,000 assessments during the last 21 years.
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