About the APRC

Now in its 21st year, the APRC exists to promote the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and integrity in recruitment. As a member of the APRC you associate your Agency with a professional body and show that you subscribe to the Association's strict Code of Conduct.



» Membership of a recognised professional body
» Appropriate designatory letters: APRC/MPRC/FPRC/Corporate Member
» Use of the APRC logo
» Seminar speakers available for client events
» Discount on APRC training
» Dedicated advice and information line
» Membership certificate
» Corporate membership certificate
» Diploma in Recruitment qualification
» Diploma in Recruitment Management qualification


Members will strive to serve clients and candidates with honesty and with integrity at all times
Members shall make accurate claims concerning the services
they offer to clients and candidates.
Members shall uphold the principle of fair play and be vigilant against conduct which has the intent, capability or
effect of being deceptive.
Members support the recruitment industry through co-operation with clients, candidates and other businesses, who would benefit from an ethical system.
Members will honour all commitments and seek to resolve any disputes in a fair and expeditious manner.
Members acting for and on behalf of clients will put forward only those candidates who are suitable for the position being offered.
Members acting for and on behalf of candidates seeking temporary, contract or permanent employment will supply the best possible advice and have their best interests represented at all times.
Members agree that details contained in advertisements are clearly based on specifications taken from clients and any description or terms and conditions offered are truly representative.
Members also agree that no advertisement should contain material that may cause any offence or be contrary to the Code of Advertising Practice as laid down by the Advertising Standards Authority.
Members agree to obtain permission from a candidate before submitting details to a client.
Members agree to thoroughly brief all candidates accurately before they attend an interview with a client.
Members must make every effort to obtain appropriate training in recruitment practice and give advice where necessary to other APRC Members and colleagues.
Members agree to inform clients of any potential conflicts of interest before attempting to fill a vacancy.
Members will not act in a manner that will bring into disrepute the Association, its Members or the Recruitment Industry.
Members are responsible for maintaining and upholding the high standards and ethics of the Association.
Members will fully inform clients and candidates of any environmental, safety or other hazard that may be detrimental to health and safety.
Members must comply with all the provisions of the Employment Agencies Act including all legislation relating to equal opportunities, health and safety, employment of disabled persons, race relations, sexual discrimination, rehabilitation of offenders and all aspects of the Data Protection Act.
Members will comply with all aspects of law and legislation appertaining to the recruitment industry and make available to candidates and clients alike the benefit of that knowledge, so that neither is being deprived of essential information and advice.
Members agree that they will not approach a current employer for a reference without the express permission of the candidate.
Members taking up references on behalf of a client whether it be for temporary workers contract or permanent positions will do so only with prior permission.
Members who obtain information supplied through a reference will treat the information as confidential to the recruitment process.
Anyone applying for membership of the APRC must agree to abide by the APRC Code of Professional Conduct. Anyone who is reported to the Association for failing to maintain high standards will, subject to the Council’s decision, have their membership revoked


HELP AND ADVICE LINE - 02380 840376

The APRC is a members association dedicated to helping consultants and managers in all areas of business and recruitment development.There are many areas of recruitment where half an hour on the phone is enough to give you immediate help and avoid the delay in waiting to attending a course on the topic.

Sales issues

You may be struggling and need advice on how to get through to decision makers or negotiate a better margin with a company that is difficult to deal with. We are happy to spend time on the phone offering help, advice and tips that will improve the situation.


Presentation problems

Suppose you have been asked to do a presentation and have never been on a course and not sure where to start. We are happy to spend time on the phone offering help, advice and tips that will make your presentation a success.


Proposals that require plenty of thought.

You have been asked to submit a proposal to a company that you would love to deal with and yet your proposal writing skills are suspect. We are happy to spend time on the phone offering help, advice and send you training notes that will make your proposal look and sound professional.

Competency Based Interviewing (CBI)

Many leading UK companies want an agency to use CBI and yet so few agencies know how a competency-based interview actually works. We can help you with notes and spend time on the phone talking you through the process. It may make all the difference.

Recruitment Qualifications

A recruitment qualification from the UK’s leading professional body will greatly improve your knowledge and career development in a way that a few years ago seemed impossible. Developed out of a need for high standards of recruitment education by the APRC in conjunction with leading industry professionals and agencies in the UK. Learn the principles and practices of a professional recruiter, including how to plan and run a successful desk, manage business and client development and how to adapt to a changing market place